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Rene Izquierdo

Classical Guitar Workshops

Rene Izquierdo

"...Izquierdo is already a seasoned performer of great accomplishment. His tone is clear, warm and robust, his musicianship impeccable, and his desire and capability equally great..." Eliot Fisk, 2003

Camino Artes Guitar Workshop

Classical Guitar Workshop in Carrion de los Condes. The Heart of the Camino de Santiago.


Date: Monday July 30th, 2018 through Saturday August 4th
Location: Carrión de Los Condes. Palencia, Spain
Cost: 400 € / Early Bird is 375 € (Before June 20th)

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About the Workshop
Welcome to Camino Artes Guitar Workshop, an intensive six-day immersion for Classical Guitarists. Our workshop will provide a significant exposure to Performance, Technique, Styles and musicianship skills. Participation in master classes and ensembles are organized according to individual skill level and interest. There will be special sessions on topics like recital preparation, technique, performance, music theory, arranging for guitar, guitar repair and maintenance etc. Regardless of ability level, everyone can play more musically!

We will offer daily evening concerts by the Faculty and attending students. This workshop gives you the opportunity to perform for a new audience during your visit to Carrion and to give concerts for the Pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela. The venues are Romanesque Churches dating from XI to the XII Century with beautiful acoustics and perfect settings. You will have a new audience every night from all over the world!!!

Iglesia de Santa Maria

The workshop offers a rich learning environment and experience with players from all ages and geographical locations, as well as a Great experience in Spanish Cultural immersion and heritage. The common denominator is love for the classical guitar. In general, required workshop activities take place from 10am-5:30pm with the mandatory “Break” for the traditional Lunch and Siesta. Due to the short time span of this workshop, there will be some night activities as well. Participants should have several year of serious study on the guitar and must supply their own instrument.

Our goal is to give students a high-level musical experience in a rich cultural environment and to provide them with new ideas that they can carry forward into their current musical studies.

About Carrion de los Condes, Palencia Spain
A town of great importance at the time of the old pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela. Its medieval origins can be seen in some of the historic buildings and in the old town. The most characteristic building of Carrión de los Condes is the church of Santiago, famous for its splendid Panthocrator. Also significant are the frieze in the church of Santa María del Camino, embellished by an Adoración de los Magos; and the convent of Santa Clara, founded in the 13th century, with an adjoining church and museum which displays sculpture and ornaments, as well as a Piedad by Gregorio Fernández. On the outskirts of the city, near the medieval bridge, is the monastery of San Zoilo, a former pilgrims' shelter started in the 10th century. Its Renaissance cloister is outstanding, a genuine ornamental and technical wonder which is the work of Juan de Badajoz.

Workshop Details

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